The Lightweight portable care recording tool

Allows you to record your daily care notes from a tablet computer. The tablet can be carried around by a carer and events can be recorded as and when they happen. You can even record information without a Wi-Fi connection.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Work offline if network range is limited and synchronise your data later
  • Tablets, are much more cost effective than traditional PCs.
  • The battery life of a tablet is superior to that of a laptop.
  • The screen size makes for clearer presentation of data and is more receptive to user touch.



CMS Tablet has the huge advantage of giving the carer a portable device allowing it to be carried on their person rather than being at a fixed point. Perhaps even more importantly though, is the fact that the tablet can work offline. This means the carer can view and record data without being directly connected to the database. This will make a big difference to homes where networking infrastructure is limited. Once the tablet comes back into network range, the data will be updated to the main database.

CMS Touch has always been a popular product because of the amount of time it saves when it comes to recording daily care notes, so we decided to redesign CMS Touch and make it compatible with Android enabled devices, You can compare the main features between the CMS Touch and the CMS Tablet Here

Watch this short demonstration to find out more