Changing the Configuration File

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Changing the Configuration File

Postby Ablyss » Fri Jul 26, 2013 11:57 am

Changing the Configuration File

The configuration files contains connection details so that CMS knows where to find the database. There are usually two reasons why you may need to change the configuration file:

  1. When the user installed the client, they have not entered the name of the server correctly and as a result are getting connection failure messages. (See Conection failure article)
  2. The name of the server has been changed or the the database has been moved to a new machine with another name.

You can change the configuration file as follows:
  1. For XP: Click on the Start button, select All Programs, Accessories, Notepad
    Vista,Windows 7/8
    Click on the Start button, select Programs, Accessories, Right click on Notepad and Run as Administrator
  2. Select the File menu and Open
    • Change the look in location to c:\program files\ablyss\cms (32 bit machines) or c:\program files (x86)\ablyss\cms (64 bit machines).
    • Change Files of type to All Files
    • Select the file CMS.exe.config. If the file extension is not visible select CMS.exe
  3. The file will look similar to the following where MACHINENAME highlighted in red, is the name of your machine. Change the two highlighted entries to the correct name of the server.

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