Please inset CMS disk / couldn't find Setupclient.msi

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Please inset CMS disk / couldn't find Setupclient.msi

Postby Ablyss » Wed Dec 04, 2013 6:25 pm

There is a possibility when upgrading CMS that the desktop shortcut will become broken.

Below is a sample of the error message:
Another indication that you need to use this method to fix it is the system will prompt you for a CD disk.

The fist thing to do when you see this error is to check the shortcut on the desktop. To do this ocate the shortcut and Right click -> properties, this will show where the bridged to.

If your shortcut like the one above ends in "\CMS\" then it is a broken link.

To make a new shortcut click anywhere on the desktop, hover over new and select Shortcut
it will then ask where you want the shortcut to lead to, either type this in if you know it, or use the browse function. To find where CMS is kept, look for:
(c:) drive -> ProgramFiles -> Ablyss -> CMS -> CMS
If you have the correct file it should read as previous ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Ablyss\CMS\") but with CMS.exe added to the end!
Finally, try to open CMS with the new shortcut and delete the old broken short-cut from the desktop to avoid further confusion
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