CMS Version 6 Released November 2015!

Details and release notes about CMS version 6 released Nov 2015.

CMS Version 6 Released November 2015!

Postby Ablyss » Tue Nov 24, 2015 10:42 am

We have released a new version of CMS, the main updates have been to:

  • Policies - We have changed the way the policies are stored, this allows us to do more things like Setting up review dates, sending Employee's Read receipts and more.
  • Messaging & User groups - You can now set up user groups for use with messaging. This allows you to send messages to a group of pre-selected people. We have also added an easier way to filter and save your messages.
  • Employee Log book - Much like the daily care area this allows you to write everyday notes against employees.

Please Read:
Due to the features that have need added to the new version, you will be required to update ALL of the machines you use to access CMS.

For a full list of the changes please see the release notes attached below.
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